January 2020 – New client Dutch Screening Group moves in at Medace 

The Dutch Screening Group (DSG) is joining the biomedical co-workspace of Medace as of January 2020, taking their hair analysis technology to a whole new level. DSG is active in hair analysis technology within HDX® (Hair Diagnostics), a Dutch medical technology startup.

DSG is an official spin out of the Maastricht University, M4I and BL Investment Group BV. Within HDX® it develops specialist, high accuracy, non-invasive and substance testing, and monitors solutions for the use of researchers, physicians, pharmaceutical professional and drug-testing authorities. HDX® focuses on the development of non-invasive screening technologies as the mass spectrometry technology to scan substances, such as glucose levels, patient’s loyalty to drugs, vitamin levels, drugs of abuse etc.

CEO Cyrille Depondt is looking forward to the cooperation with Medace:

‘We are very excited to move to Medace BV, grow the company and have an impact on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus!’

Dutch Screening Group-Medace-Maastricht