Why do we do this

Medace was born out of the Chemelot InSciTe institute.  At InSciTe researchers and entrepreneurs work side-by-side to bring promising biomedical concepts out of the academic setting and translate them into new products.

Danielle Curfs, CEO of Medace, explains the conception of the Medace concept: ‘Within InSciTe I used to work with passionate people on a daily basis, who were frustrated about the huge development costs and the incredibly complex legal and regulatory framework. I saw so many good ideas end up on the shelf, not because they didn’t work but because the route to the patient is so complex. That’s why we have developed a model where all necessary elements to manufacture your product under the right regimes is offered as a menu with different options. Clients only pick those options they need depending on where they are in their product development, be it infrastructure, equipment or personnel. Everything is covered under our overarching ISO certificate. This way you can serve more clients with significantly less overhead costs. A nice additional benefit is that the learning element is huge in a (bio)medical co-working space like ours.’

Kurt Gielen, Chief Business Officer at Medace adds that working with companies who are developing new innovations that eventually change lifes of patients and seeing them grow within the Medace ecosystem is extremely rewarding. ‘Although we have a financial target, our primary target is the number of patients helped. This is also reflected on our wall of patients in the office where we count the number of patients helped by innovations developed by Medace’ clients.’