Our clients

Welcome to our open innovation community where academic groups and (biotech & medtech) startups developing ATMPs and medical devices are getting ready for clinical manufacturing.

Read some testimonials of current and previous Medace clients below.

“We hope to replace the insulin syringe with an innovative method and aim to bring a combination of an implant and cell therapy to the market for people with severe type I diabetes. Medace’s role is to facilitate logistics, clean rooms and quality systems.”

Aart van ApeldoornAssistant Professor Maastricht University / RegMed XB

“We are excited to perform our ATMP manufacturing at the Medace facilities. Their innovative business model which reduces risks and large investment suits InoCells best. Medace’s products and services such as lab facilities, GMP-ready clean rooms, quality management & regulatory support and its network with key partners, enables InoCells to reduce its time to market. InoCells is looking forward to a long-term collaboration with Medace.”

Mohammad Mehdi AkhondiManaging Director InoCells

“Medace offers an attractive development environment for start-ups and, with their support, we are impatient to produce the first validation batches of our bone-seeding platform technology.”

Arne VogelMarket Access Manager flowbone

“We are taking the next step in our quest to deliver the highest quality mRNA! Together with our partner, Medace, we adapting our process to GMP-standards, with the goal to support our customers from bench-to-bedside.”

Sander van AsbeckCEO RIBOPRO

“The Medace facility offers us a nice way to integrate the manufacturing into our fast growing company while minimizing the risk and resources of running such a facility ourselves”

John MaruggCEO Corporis Medical

“We look forward to continue working together with Medace, building a mutually beneficial relationship in order to advance medical device and ATMP developments in Europe.”

Sarah TsurkanFounder TissueGuard GmbH

“The Medace support offers us a great way to progress and strengthen the pipeline of our fast-growing company and to deliver true quality to and with our partners.”

Robert Jan LamersCEO Orthros Medical

“At PL BioScience, we highly value the cooperation with Medace. The innovative and inspiring work environment gives us the opportunity to enhance the development of tomorrow's cell culture tools. That perfectly matches our mission to promote an animal-free future of cell culture solutions.”

Hatim HemedaCEO and founder PL BioScience GmbH

“In the development of our equipment access to a well equipped laboratory with the necessary consumables and reagents is key. Through the flexible, plug and play model at Medace we can make use of the facilities when we need them without having to making large investments ourself upfront. This helps us to take the necessary steps and remove barriers which we would normal come across when investing in such facilities ourselves.”

Hugo NikkelBusiness Developer Next Generation Sensors

“For us the facilities and services Medace has to offer came just at the right time. We are quickly expanding, and this gives us the flexibility to continue today while preparing tomorrow.”

Peter VerstrateCOO Mosa Meat

“The facilities and expertise at Medace are great, the communication lines are short and there is a high degree of flexibility. This makes Medace an ideal partner for us at this stage of our development program.”

Ward van BuulCEO JointSphere

“Medace helps us to accelerate in a flexible and cost effective way with the pre-clinical tests of our product through the usage of their advanced Research and Development facilities. This allows us to focus on the test results without having to make large capital expenses. We look forward to the intense collaboration and to learning from these qualified professionals.”

Jan HunikCEO Atro Medical

“It’s great to see how the extraordinary collaborations we are advocates of – uniting researchers and entrepreneurs from all background and disciplines - have become a matter of course at Medace.”

Emiel StaringManaging Director Chemelot Institute for Science and Technology (InSciTe)

“We have recently signed a number of very large contracts and need to scale up. Medace has the necessary knowledge and experience and is therefore the right partner for Medprotex to set up our quality systems and to guarantee our future quality levels. We look forward to continuing a successful collaboration!”

Nikolaj Boogaard and Cyrille DepondCo-founders Medprotex

ISEA and SEAMS consortium: Chemelot InSciTe, Maastricht University, University Eye Clinic Maastricht, Eindhoven University of Technology, InnFocus inc. a Santen company

“Medace facilitates us, to process ocular tissues in a standardized, high quality manner, by using state-of-the-art equipment within a certified quality and regulatory system. This increases the quality and validity of the work in preparation for a first-in-man study”

Christian J.F. Bertens, Ph.D.Post-doctoral researcher bij University eye clinic maastricht