From basic to high-end equipment, for both research and manufacturing

Successful innovation requires standard and high end equipment (rental) to measure, visualize, analyze and interpret data. With stringent quality standards associated with equipment used to develop and produce for applications in man, critical equipment is maintained and serviced under our overarching ISO-13485 certification.

Our facility users have access to a range of unique pieces of equipment including:

  • an electrospinner in a controlled environment,
  • an Instron Electropulse E3000 fatigue testing system specifically designed for biomaterials and medical devices
  • the world’s first full-speed, full-load six degrees of freedom AMTI VIVO Joint Simulator
  • an Optics11 Life Piuma Nanoindenter to test the mechanical properties of soft and biological materials

Stand-alone laboratory equipment rental

At Medace we understand that purchasing expense equipment is not feasible during the early development of your products. That’s why we offer rental of our specialized equipment in our certified lab facility to researchers and companies.

Flexible use

Timeslots can be reserved through an online booking system, so you decide when you use our equipment.

Expert support & training

Our team will help you set-up your experiments and train you to use the equipment safely and effective. They are always close if you need tips or additional support.

Maintained & serviced

Our team ensures that critical equipment is maintained and serviced according to our ISO-13485 certification.

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About Medace

Medace supports academic groups and companies with innovative medical concepts in need of technical, quality and clinical expertise. Bringing along a broad network, we help you to successfully develop your product into the clinical phase. With our proven pick-and-choose concept we provide you clinical product development compliant with the latest ISO and GMP standards.

Our specialists work together with you and your team in a fully equipped and state of the art biomedical co-working space – whenever it suits you. More about Medace.

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