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Although our core task is to offer an environment where companies can learn to work independently, sometimes circumstances require you to temporarily hire external support to achieve your goals and milestones. Medace has specialized personnel available to perform services related to your processes.

Besides professional personnel, Medace offers a full educational and training program, open to all Medace partners in the areas of quality, equipment, legal and other relevant areas.

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Explore the full training calendar for external partners at Medace.

External training calendar

Our external training program includes:

MDR & QMS Training

Introduction to GMP Training

Safe Aseptic Handling Techniques

Biological Safety

Introduction to quality management

Cleanroom management

Personnel can be hired on a need basis to support your staff:

Technical Specialist

QA Manager

Internal Auditor

Qualified Person

GMP Technician

Clinical Quality Specialist

Biological Safety Officer

Process Development Manager

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