General terms and conditions training


Provision of services

The Services to be provided are subject to a best effort obligation on the part of Medace BV and its Personnel. Medace BV cannot give any guarantees regarding the expected results.


Participants can register for a course by using the dedicated form on Medace BV’s website or per email. After the registration is processed in Medace BV’s system, participant will receive a confirmation email. Medace BV will send an invoice for the registration fees which has to be paid within 14 days and prior to the start of the course. In case Medace BV did not receive payment at that time, participant must prepare a copy of a bank transfer and hand it in on site in order to be allowed to participate in the course.

Cancellation fee

In case of cancellation up until ten working days before the start, an administrative fee of 45 Euros will be charged. In case of cancellation within ten working days before the start, the complete registration fee will be charged, even if the registration took place within this period. Notice of Cancellation is only accepted by email (to


In case of absence of a participant, a substitute can take his/her place. Absence and/or replacement of a participant needs to be reported to Medace BV immediately. Replacement is not allowed after the course has started.


Medace BV reserves the right to make changes in its course/programme. Participants will be informed of any changes prior to the course insofar as they are known to Medace BV in time.


Medace BV reserves the right to change its fees, on the understanding that after confirmation of a course with regard to Medace BV, the fee stated at the moment of confirmation will be applied, unless both parties have agreed otherwise.


Medace BV takes the utmost care with respect to all its courses. However, in case of any shortcoming (in the broadest sense of the word), Medace BV is only liable for the direct damage suffered as a result of an attributable shortcoming on her part. The amount of such damages shall be a maximum of the price paid by participant. Medace BV shall never be liable for indirect damage suffered by participant including – but not exclusively limited to – consequential damage, loss of profit, missed savings, image damage, claims of third parties and damage due to business stagnation. In the event of an attributable shortcoming, participant must notify Medace BV of this in writing as soon as possible but no later than 7 days after completion of the course under penalty of final forfeiture of right.

Force majeure

Medace BV is not required to meet any obligations if it is completely or partially unable to do so due to circumstances beyond its control without being liable for damages. Medace BV reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses in the event of insufficient participation or circumstances beyond its control either before or during the course or training. Medace BV will, insofar as possible, propose a(n) alternative date(s) on which the course in question will be given. In case of cancellation on behalf of Medace BV participation fees that have been paid would then be reimbursed.


By registering to the course/programme the participant grants explicit permission to Medace BV to communicate indirectly or directly, including posting photograph/video taking during the course/programme, to the outside world. Any registered participant attending the course/programme who does not wish to have their recognizable image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known by email (to prior to the start of the course/programme, Medace BV will subsequently take all due care to only publish photograph/video material in such way that said person will not be recognizable.