October 2020 – Corporis Medical starts test runs for manufacturing at Medace

Corporis Medical focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative medical devices for minimally invasive procedures. Corporis Medical’s current focus lies in the improvement of surgery outcomes by developing innovative medical solutions. These solutions will not only improve the safety and efficacy of surgeries but will also ease surgical procedures for surgeons and as a result, potentially save thousands of lives and reduce surgery accompanied healthcare costs.

Corporis will be performing a test run for the manufacturing of their Mediclose™ device at the Medace facilities. Mediclose™ is a sterile disposable device intended to pass a suture through the fascia of a 10-12 mm trocar induced wound, at the end of laparoscopic surgery. Most existing systems close the trocar induced incisions from outside inward, whereas, the Mediclose™ System closes the incisions inside outward, with the position of the needles pointing away from any vital organs.

CEO John Marugg considers the Medace facilities to be a perfect fit for his business goals:

“The purpose of Corporis Medical is to become a fully integrated company including clinicial trials, manufacturing and commercialization. The Medace facility offers us a nice way to integrate the manufacturing into our fast growing company while minimizing the risk and resources of running such a facility ourselves.”

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