On July 5 the Health Innovation Euregion Event 2022 took place. The new event was intended for everyone who has the ambition to increase the innovation of products and services for human health.

Either through entrepreneurship or by entering into complementary partnerships. No fewer than 150 guests were triggered by the promise on the invitation: we will openly share experiences and learn from and with each other.

The participants were included in the program in a fascinating way by moderator Kurt Gielen, CBO of Medace. The – surprisingly varied – speakers had inspiring, beautiful and strong stories to tell. With clear visions and sometimes firm statements.

There were plenty of questions from the audience, the two-way traffic created a lot of dynamics. Not all questions could be answered in plenary, but there was ample opportunity for networking and catching up afterwards. Speed dating has not lost any of its popularity: the opportunity was massively taken to meet people in person and online.

‘You can learn to innovate’ that was the approach of this event. We would like to add something to this, based on the experiences of this event: innovation starts with getting to know each other, with building networks, with learning from other people’s knowledge and experience in a vibrant community.

The well-attended and interactive event was a great gathering and meeting of innovators and partners and we expect a lot of flourishing new collaborations.

Rogier Veltrop
Medace, event
Emil Aliev, co-founder Mane Biotech
Alexander Voss, networking, Christian Bertens
Michel van Schaik, Rabobank, Em
audience event
Dirk Van Hyfte, BioStrand, Valentine Gesche, PerAGraft, Rogier Receveur, MedTronic
Alexander Vos, former CEO Pharmcell, VectorY Therapeutics AND Kurt Gielen, CBO Medace
Valentine Gesche, PerAGraft
Kurt Gielen, Medace

Health Innovation Euregion Event co-organizers: Rabobank, Gemeente Maastricht, Medtronic, LIOF, LifetecZONe, Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus