Medace, together with one of its clients, makes an important contribution to the safety of healthcare personnel in the Netherlands. A CE-certified medical face mask has been developed in record time and is fully compliant with the technical standard EN 14683:2019 and ready for large-scale production. The strict approval procedure was completed quickly and successfully by the face mask manufacturer, led by Medace’s quality specialists.

Quality manager Leah Evers of Medace received the first box of CE-certified type IIR masks from entrepreneur Cyrille Depondt of Medprotex. Medace collaborated with the Belgian institute Centexbel in this process to carry out all the necessary quality checks on the face masks. Medace’s learning-work environment was a logical choice for Medprotex because of Medace’s reputation for quality: Within a few months after the doors of the (bio)medical centre opened at the beginning of this year, all processes and protocols of Medace were certified under the ISO standard for medical devices.

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