Orthros Medical is engaged in the development and commercialization of VHH single chain antibodies, which have great opportunities for the development of new therapeutics and diagnostics for both human and animal health. Orthros Medical’s focus is on osteoarthritis for which they have multiple potential new local treatments based on VHH in development.

Orthros Medical will use the support of the Medace GMP Quality team to complement their robust Quality Management System and manufacturing processes in preparation of clinical development and further commercialization of their products.

GMP Quality Manager Jessica Gerards of Medace is eager to support the promising pipeline of Orthros Medical:

The processes and documentation in place at Orthros are already very detailed and the team is clearly quality minded which facilitates swift and effective progress.

Jessica GerardsGMP Quality Manager Medace

CEO Robert Jan Lamers of Orthros Medical considers the Medace model to be a perfect fit for his business goals:

The Medace support offers us a great way to progress and strengthen the pipeline of our fast-growing company and to deliver true quality to and with our partners.

Robert Jan LamersCEO Orthros Medical

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