As from April 2021, Next Generation Sensors – developing portable mass spectrometers for immediate accurate screening information – will start up the collaboration with Medace.

Hugo Nikkel, Business Developer: ‘In the development of our equipment access to a well equipped laboratory with the necessary consumables and reagents is key which is why we are pleased with the facilities Medace is offering. Through their flexible, plug and play model we can make use of the facilities when we need them without having to making large investments ourself upfront. This helps us to take the necessary steps and removes a lot of barriers which we would normal come across would we have to invest in such facilities ourselves.

There is an increasing need for obtaining immediate accurate screening information for potential health, security, and environmental risks. Next Generation Sensors aims to speed up this process by ‘bringing the lab to the sample with a portable mass spectrometer’. Applications focus on Agro & food and later also medical and security.

Next Generation Sensors was founded in 2017 and participated in the Brightlands Innovation Factory program.

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