In the Brightlands Science Lecture of 11 March 2020, Prof Ron Heeren was invited to point out how innovative molecular imaging technologies, based on mass spectrometry and “omics” innovations have crossed boundaries. Next to being a distinguished professor and Limburg Chair at Universiteit Maastricht, Ron is scientific director of M4I, the Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging institute where he leads the MS imaging department.

Ron Heeren is also one of the founders and advisors of Dutch Screening Group, taking hair analysis technology to a whole new level. Also Joachim Schneider of the Dutch Screening Group participated at 11 March, in the panel dialogue after together with Manon van Engeland (Director GROW, Universiteit Maastricht) and Maarten Honing (Full Professor Universiteit Maastricht/M4I).

For a one-page summary of the Science Lecture, click here.