February 2020 – Mosa Meat is moving in at Medace 

As of March 2020 cultured meat start-up Mosa Meat will join the biomedical co-workspace of Medace. The company, led by CEO Maarten Bosch, COO Peter Verstrate and CSO Mark Post, is well known for creating the world’s first cultured hamburger – that is, real meat grown directly from animal cells rather than raising and slaughtering an animal.

Mosa Meat has already made significant scientific breakthroughs in the past few years and improved the quality of their meat considerably. They are now focussing on scaling up the production process and getting their first products on the market in the next 3-4 years. While building a new research and pilot production facility in Maastricht, Mosa Meat benefits from the flexible and allround infrastructure that Medace provides them. With their headquarters already based at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus and the activities going on at Medace, Mosa Meat profits wisely from the synergetic effects that the biomedical hub in Maastricht has to offer.

Peter Verstrate (COO) is enthusiastic about the offerings of Medace:

“For us the facilities and services Medace has to offer came just at the right time. We are quickly expanding, and this gives us the flexibility to continue today while preparing tomorrow“

Mosa Meat-Medace