Automation of research processes takes off at Medace

An automated cell culture system that takes over 90% of manual testing and could improve the
reliability of results. A boon for scientists, who can work faster, more efficiently and more
internationally. The Obruza system, an innovation of startup Nestegg Labs, has it all. For the final
phase of the product development Nestegg Biotech will be co-operating with Medace.


Startup development crossing the globe

Nestegg’s development as a startup is one of great strides and huge distances. In 2013 Nestegg started its initial research in the US. The opportunity to participate in the Brightlands Innovation Factory bootcamp in 2015 motivated a move to Europe. A positive ecosystem for startups plus a strong potential for new partners and customers brought on a permanent settlement in Limburg. With the support of investors such as Rabobank, LIOF, a private party and the use of crowdfunding, Nestegg is taking big steps towards automation for a market that sorely needs it.


A new standard in research

The Latin word Obruza translates to “to test gold”. In addition to generic cell-based research, Nestegg
sees a future for Obruza in immunology, pharma, and regenerative medicine applications. The company
is looking to set a new standard in these fields of research. Customers can use the device for very
specific research purposes, and share results painlessly. A function which the Merln Institute for
Technology Inspired Regenerative Medicine in Maastricht is planning to use.